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Why Visit your Dentist Regularly?

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Why Visit your Dentist Regularly?

Visiting the dentist might be a task that you are tempted to skip. Dental anxiety or the cost of a dental checkup might keep you away from the dentist’s clinic. But have you considered that you might end up with a severe oral disorder and spend more not visiting the dentist regularly?
The tooth cavity is one of the easiest of things to treat. But due to a lack of oral hygiene awareness and unwillingness to go to a dentist. Dentists do not just fill cavities or clean teeth, they are also skilled enough to detect deadly disorders like oral cancer.

Why should you go to your dentist regularly?

1. Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Like every other type of cancer, oral cancer is a severe health disorder that needs immediate attention. However, it often goes undetected, which increases the chances of becoming fatal. But the good news is it can be easily treated when detected early.

Dentists are skilled professionals who can detect and recognize the first signs of oral cancer, even though you might not notice them. If you have any abnormality, your dentist will devise a treatment plan that can potentially save your life.

2. Prevent Plaque and Tartar Build-Up

No matter how regularly and thoroughly you brush and floss your teeth, chances are your mouth’s tiny nooks, and crevices will have plaque build-up. Plaque can solidify over time to tartar, and this will cause a host of dental problems.

Regular dental cleanings can avoid plaque and tartar build-up. Also, this is a cheaper procedure than filling a cavity, which will eventually happen if tartar build-up on your teeth.

3. Preventing Gingivitis

Gingivitis is caused due to extreme tartar build-up. When the tartar build-up infects gums, gum tissues are destroyed, and teeth are loosened.

This disease often requires a specialist for proper treatment, which would be complicated and expensive. With regular dental checkups, you can keep such disorders at bay.

4. Treating the Damage Done by Bad Habits

Real life happens no matter how hard we try to keep bad habits at bay. Habits like smoking, drinking red wine, eating hard candies, clenching teeth, chewing ice, and biting nails all damage the enamel and can cause various other problems. Going for regular dental checkups will detect these problems early and reverse their damage.

5. Detection of Abnormalities in the Head and Neck Region

A superficial lymph node swelling might not be a cause for concern, but it can indicate certain types of cancers.

Your dentist will check your head, neck, and lymph nodes during a routine dental checkup. If there is any cause for concern, your dentist will refer you to the appropriate medical professional for further treatment.

Summing It Up

Oral health and hygiene are often neglected, and it does not seem like a big deal to skip a dental appointment. However, these issues can become full-blown disorders. So, a timely dental checkup at Smile Craft Dental Studio is always recommended.


Dr. Nirali Patel

Dr. Nirali Patel is the founder and clinical Director at Smile Craft Dental Studio in Ahmedabad, India. Outside of her clinical responsibilities, she dedicates her time to sharing his dental knowledge with a broader audience. Her articles illuminate the importance of dental care, current dentistry advancements, and enhance understanding of holistic oral health.