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Dental Implant Cost: Exploring Types & Average Pricing

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Dental Implant Cost: Exploring Types & Average Pricing

Dental implants are a cornerstone of modern dentistry, offering long-term solutions for those missing teeth. With a variety of dental implant options available, understanding the different types and their associated costs is essential for anyone considering this treatment.

Types of Dental Implants

Here, we delve into the various types of dental implants that are shaping the future of dental care, supported by the latest advancements in technology.

1. Endosteal Implants

Endosteal implants are the most common type used today. They are typically made of titanium and shaped like small screws, placed directly into the jawbone. Each implant holds one or more prosthetic teeth. This type is an alternative for patients with bridges or removable dentures.

Average costs in Ahmedabad for a single endosteal implant range from ₹20,000 to ₹50,000, which may vary depending on the clinic and specific patient needs​

2. Subperiosteal Implants

These implants rest on top of the jawbone but under the gum. They are used for patients who do not have enough healthy jawbone and are not candidates for bone augmentation. The framework of these implants is custom-made to fit over the jawbone, providing a stable base for the tooth replacement.

The cost for subperiosteal implants is generally higher due to their complex nature, averaging around ₹30,000 per implant in Ahmedabad.

 3. Zygomatic Implants

Significantly less common and more complex, zygomatic implants are long implants anchored in the cheekbone rather than the jawbone. They are typically used when there is significant bone loss in the upper jaw and other implants are not viable.

Cost considerations for zygomatic implants are significantly higher, reflecting their intricate surgical requirements, with prices substantially varying based on the case and specific surgical interventions needed.

Discover the diverse range of solutions available for dental restoration in our detailed guide, Types of dental implants. Whether you’re considering a single tooth replacement or a full mouth restoration, this article will help you understand your options.

How Smile Craft Dental Studio Can Assist

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At Smile Craft Dental Studio, the focus is on providing high-quality, patient-tailored implant solutions. Whether you require a single tooth replacement or more complex full-mouth rehabilitation, the clinic offers cutting-edge techniques including same-day implants and advanced prosthetics like clip-on dentures. This is supplemented by state-of-the-art imaging and surgical technologies to enhance treatment accuracy and patient comfort​.

The clinic’s comprehensive approach ensures each patient receives a treatment plan that not only meets their dental health needs but also aligns with their financial considerations. With transparent pricing and detailed consultations, patients can make informed decisions about their implant choices and understand the full scope of potential costs before proceeding.  

Factors Impacting Dental Implant Costs

When considering dental implants, understanding the various factors that influence the costs can help you prepare financially and make informed decisions. Here are some of the key elements that determine the overall expense of dental implants:

  • Number of Implants: The more implants you need, the higher the total cost. This is straightforward as each implant is a separate procedure involving its own materials and time​.
  • Type of Implant: There are different types of implants such as endosteal, subperiosteal, and zygomatic, each varying in complexity and cost. The choice depends on your dental condition and the specific needs of your jawbone​.
  • Material Quality: Implants are typically made from titanium or zirconium, materials known for their durability and biocompatibility. Higher quality materials may cost more, but they offer better longevity and performance​.
  • Additional Procedures: Many patients require preparatory procedures like bone grafting or sinus lifts to ensure the implant has a solid foundation.These procedures add to the overall cost but are crucial for the success of the implant​.
  • Geographic Location: The cost of living and the standard rates for dental services in your area can affect implant prices. Typically, urban areas with higher costs of living might charge more for dental implant procedures​.
  • Dentist’s Expertise: Highly qualified and experienced dental surgeons may charge more for their services, reflecting their expertise and the expected quality of care​.
  • Diagnostics and Lab Fees: Before the implant procedure, you may need detailed scans like X-rays or CT scans. The technology used for these diagnostics can also influence the cost​.

Considering dental implants? Evaluate their benefits and drawbacks in pros and cons of implants. Explore the full spectrum to make a balanced decision.

Understanding Specific Costs of Dental Implants

The costs for dental implants can vary significantly based on several factors including the type of implant and the complexity of the procedure. Here’s a detailed breakdown of typical scenarios and costs associated in Ahmedabad:

Implant Type


Estimated Cost

Single Tooth Implant Cost

Replacement for a single missing tooth, including the implant post and custom crown.

₹20,000 – ₹50,000 per tooth.

Front Tooth Implant Cost

Implants placed in the aesthetic zone, prioritising natural appearance and functionality.

Within the range of ₹20,000 – ₹50,000, varying by complexity.

Full Dental Implants Cost

Restoration of most or all teeth, requiring multiple implants and prosthetics.

₹2,00,000 – ₹6,00,000 depending on the number of implants.

All on 4 dental implants cost


Full arch rehabilitation using four strategically placed implants to support an entire arch.

₹2,00,000 – ₹3,50,000 in Ahmedabad, based on patient needs.

Dr. Nirali Patel, celebrated as the best dentist in Ahmedabad works with patients to develop individualised treatment plans that align with their specific dental needs and financial considerations. The studio provides transparent cost estimates and comprehensive consultations, ensuring that patients can make informed decisions and understand the financial aspects before committing to a treatment plan.

New to dental implants and wondering where to start? Our foundational guide, What are dental implants provides a thorough introduction and deep dive into everything you need to know about dental implants.

Financing Options for Dental Implants

Navigating the costs of dental implants can be daunting, but various financing options are available to make this crucial treatment more accessible. Understanding these options can help you manage the financial aspect effectively.

  1. In-House Payment Plans: Many dental clinics offer in-house payment plans, allowing you to spread the cost of your treatment over several months. These plans often come with low or even zero interest, making them a popular choice for many patients. It’s essential to check with the specific clinic to understand their terms and eligibility criteria​.
  2. Dental Loans: Dental loans are personal loans specifically designed to cover dental work such as implants. These loans provide a lump sum that can cover the entire cost of your treatment upfront, with the flexibility to repay over time in monthly instalments. This option is available through various financial institutions and online lenders, with some offering terms up to several years​.

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We understand that financial planning is as crucial as the treatment itself. Led by Dr. Nirali Patel, our team is committed to providing transparent information on costs and actively assisting patients in exploring all available financing options. This ensures that you can receive the best possible care without financial strain. The clinic’s team is ready to support you through every step of your dental implant journey, making advanced dental care accessible and stress-free.


Dr. Nirali Patel

Dr. Nirali Patel is the founder and clinical Director at Smile Craft Dental Studio in Ahmedabad, India. Outside of her clinical responsibilities, she dedicates her time to sharing his dental knowledge with a broader audience. Her articles illuminate the importance of dental care, current dentistry advancements, and enhance understanding of holistic oral health.